The Evolution of Why

One of our scholars has passed away from cancer just a few weeks ago. He was 16 years old. I instantly feel guilt. When I receive news of someone passing away because of cancer, it affects me entirely differently now that I have it. Each time I hear of someone dying because of cancer, it … Continue reading The Evolution of Why


I Can’t Be Rumpelstiltskined: Discovering My Femininity 

The woman sitting across from me has had both breast removed. She looks like a woman. I made the fortunate mistake of locking eyes with Mrs. Castillo in the waiting room of Dallas Methodist Hospital as we both drank the lemonade flavored barium required of our impending MRI scan. Once she locked eyes with mine … Continue reading I Can’t Be Rumpelstiltskined: Discovering My Femininity 


I'm the only single person in his waiting room. There are two couples in the same room as I, one to my left the other to my right, both holding hands and whispering sweet nothings into each other's ear. They could have been cussing each other out for all I know, but all I see … Continue reading Fertility


Breast Cancer The day you find out you have breast cancer, you go and get a pedicure. An expensive pedicure. You pick out the most fabulous shade of pink and request an orange scrub and parifin wax. Because... cancer. Because you're 30. And because you purchased two extremely cute bras just yesterday, and the irony … Continue reading Cancer