About Jewel

Jewel’s Rhema seeks to nurture and edify the mind, body and spirit of those courageously surviving illnesses, through Christ centered education, encouragement and support, in hopes of diminishing the effects of debilitating illness. It’s ministry is propelled by the love and saving grace of God, and His desire to heal the hurting.

Rhema, as I affectionately call it, was birthed out of my own experiences with both Sickle Cell Anemia Disease and Breast Cancer. I’m compelled to share all that the Lord is teaching me through my journey of healing, in hopes that it brings you hope, peace and healing of your own. You see, we all will suffer some form of infirmity in this lifetime, whether it be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. But it is our spirit that shall sustain us. (Proverbs 18:14 NIV) Therefore, allow me to take what I have learned and pour into your spirit, that you may survive life’s afflictions.

Rhema in the Greek language means “utterance” or “thing said”. As a believer in Christ Jesus we know it as the revelation received when the Holy Spirit speaks to us. Hebrews 4:12 tells us that the Word of God is living and breathing, with the capacity and power to speak directly to us in a personal and intimate way.  It captures our thoughts while wrestling with the intentions of our heart. The moment the Word penetrates our soul, speaking directly to our spirit, we know we have experienced a Rhema, God breathed utterance. This is the Rhema Word given to me. I pray what has blessed me blesses you and propels you in your pursuit of the Lord.

-Jewel Ford



Jewel Ford. Photograph by Alison Victoria

Jewel Ford is a middle school dance teacher currently residing in Dallas, TX.