A Great Story

I've been waiting for an opportunity to coast. Only for a brief moment- not forever, not even beyond a year. Just a significant season of life where it wasn't necessary to fight. Fight mentally, spiritually, physically or emotionally. I desperately crave the life my imagination is made of, a life devoid of all problems. A … Continue reading A Great Story


Gym Revelations

About 3 weeks ago I received a “Survivorship” packet from my medical team at Dallas Methodist. It outlines everything I need to know about how to care for myself after cancer. This packet is thick, requiring a phone conversation with a nurse, who stressed the importance of following the instructions inside. It’s a template for … Continue reading Gym Revelations


A little episode of PTSD kept me from falling asleep a couple nights ago. In these rare moments, my mind fixates on the idea that I am not going to be alright- my life will be taken from me and surly I will die. The root of these thoughts are deep, birthed out of my … Continue reading Savior